Bettering Yourself in 15 Minutes A Day

What if becoming a better leader, furthering your career, and learning something new only took 15 minutes a day? Would you do it?

I recently read an article by George Ambler about why leaders need a daily reading habit. Something clicked.

I have a nonfiction reading habit—why not a nonfiction one, too? One that could help me become a better worker, an inspired person, learning something new every day?

In Ambler’s post, he outlines different ways to achieve this. Set an annual reading goal, check. My 2015 goal is to read 100 books, averaging two books a week.

Maintain a reading list, check. I have a very organized (and packed) Goodreads account that has a very expansive to-read list.

Read broadly, read widely, not check. I am hung up on young adult fantasy most of the time, because that is what I specialize (and enjoy) reading and reviewing. I do read nonfiction at lunch, but it’s usually law enforcement-centric. I need to branch out and read psychology, leadership, business, etc.

Schedule a daily reading time, check. I read nonfiction at lunch on business days, and fiction at bedtime every day. That being said, I’m not entirely religious about it, and have been known to cast aside my nonfiction if my fiction book is too good. Perhaps instead of scheduled times, I should dedicate 15-20 minutes to nonfiction and 45 minutes to fiction.

Reduce television and the internet, not check. We watched five hours of television yesterday. Five. That’s insane. One of my 2015 initiatives is to seriously cut down on TV, which is much easier during the week than on the weekend.

Stop reading a crappy book after 50 pages, ehhh. Because I receive free books, sometimes I feel obligated to finish them, rather than give them the review they deserve and move on to the next one. I’m beginning to learn that life is too short to read crappy books that I’m not interested in.

What steps do you take to read better books? What do you think of Ambler’s article?


1/9: Friday Favorites

Friday (5)

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week really flew by. I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post called Friday Favorites to share the things I’m currently obsessing over (idea from Iowa Girl Eats). What are your favorites this week?

Favorite eat: Zuchinni Noodles with Scallops & Bacon. We’ve been doing Whole30 since January 1st and this was an amazing break from our usual chicken breast and veggie dinner. We got shrimp instead of scallops, but it was still amazing!

Favorite beauty essential: Primal Pit Paste. I love this deodorant! I work out strenuously at least once a day, and this really keeps the odor at bay. It isn’t an antiperspirant, so your pits will still be damp—but there is no aluminum! The Lavender scent is my favorite.

Favorite fashion: Drapey Floral Pants in Marisa Fit by Loft. Holy cow am I in love with these! They’re perfect for spring.

Favorite dessert: Raw Chocolate Acai Bowl. I stumbled across this recipe on Pinterest and oh. My. Goodness. It’s so good! I picked up some frozen acai packs from Whole Foods and have been making these bowls like crazy. I love tossing cacao nibs on top!

Favorite smell: Gryffindor by Frostbeard. My friend Kiesha got me this scent for Christmas—this Potterhead is in love! I’m a Gryffindor through and through, and this is definitely my kind of homey scent. It’s not for sale anymore, but they have plenty of fabulous book lover’s themed scents in their Etsy shop!

Favorite lifesaver: PastTense. This has been a week of tension headaches to rule all. I’ve been running all over the place and trying to knock a bunch of stuff off of my to-do lists, and nasty headaches have been a result. Rolling on PastTense helps calm me down and relax me, and it’s been a real lifesaver this week (it also doubled as a nasal decongestant at one point, so there’s that).